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Here is the offer of services:

Consulting in Communications and Implementation:

  • Audit of communication tools and recommendations;
  • Development of the communication strategy;
  • Implementation of the strategy;
  • Development of the communication plan;
  • Creation of communication media (print, digital, event);
  • Digital strategy and social media;
  • Mobilization and fundraising actions (including crowdfunding);
  • Public Policy Analysis (writing of articles and reports);
  • Institutional advocacy and lobbying (strategy and implementation);
  • Media relations;
  • Public relations;
  • Customized services.

 Resources for seminars and trainings:

  • Social media training;
  • Training on communication strategy and plan;
  • Modules on education to citizenship (civic engagement and politics);
  • Training on awareness campaigns;
  • Advocacy training for associations;
  • Training on French / European / international institutions.

Thematic modules for interventions:

  • Poverty reduction: Advocacy and International Processes;
  • Corruption and transparency: taxation of multinational corporations, tax evasion, G20;
  • Consumption habits : textile industry and decent work, mobile phones and blood minerals, football and exploitation;
  • Extractive industries;
  • Human trafficking;
  • Migration and reception of refugees