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You may have noticed that Coralie Diebold Consulting got a new look and changed its visual identity. From today, it will be the new graphic identity used for all our communications and supports.

Why this change?

After four years of activity and a logo designed with the heart, our structure was in need of renewal. Communication is in perpetual evolution, so we have to evolve and propose new things. What’s better than starting with visual identity?
This one, more modern and refined, corresponds better to our values and our clients!
Also, the two circles that intersect represent connection and exchange, placing Humans at the center! It is important for us to promote personal relationships in an increasingly digital society.

A change implies more!

Indeed, a change often involves other changes and this is the case for us too!
We will soon be presenting a new video series on our YouTube channel, if you are not yet a subscriber, don’t wait any longer! They will relate to different topics of communication. Our videos are in french and will be subtitled in English.